Mattias Johansson Kim Laakso Thord Brännkärr Måns Jaktlund Joakim Gustafsson


Ninnuam was formed in Katrineholm, Sweden, in late 2001, out of Kim Laakso, Robert Gustafsson, Andreas "Lenny" Jennische and Thord Brännkärr. Before "Ninnuam", the band was called Yxa (which means ax in Swedish) and didn't have a voice for the band. But pretty soon they found Mattias Johansson, aka Matte Hellcore, and the empty spot was filled. At the same time keyboardist Robert Johansson joined the band to bring more dynamics and a more evil (if possible) feeling to the sound.
The name Ninnuam was taken from a book called The Necronomicon, which deals with demons and the occult; the word ninnuam allegedly refers to the power of a demon named Marduk.

In 2002 Måns Jaktlund replaced Jennische as Ninnuam's bassist and they recorded 4 song for a demo titled Scar Salvation. The following year, Ninnuam signed with Finnish label; Low Frequency Records, and their first full-length album, Process of Life Separation was recorded and released on Low Frequency in Scandinavia in 2003. It was distributed in the United States by Crash Music in 2004.

Matte Hellcore decided to leave the band in 2007 to spend more time with his other band; Centicore. After some searching they found Stephanie Rudert to replace him. Pretty soon after Robert also decided to leave due to lack of time. Thomas Wahlberg (ex. Julie Laugh Nomore, Triton Enigma) jumped in to fill up the emty spot. But shifting members and lack of interest from the label made Ninnuam a dull band. In 2009 Steph had to leave ways for Joakim Gustafsson, and 6 new songs for a follow-up MCD to P.o.l.s. was recorded.

2010 is the year Ninnuam finds new power, and with the new line-up and under the arms of Undertaker Managment, they will show the world that Ninnuam is here to deliver swedish metal as unexpected and catchy as it is devastating.